Friday, 29 June 2012

Tilly & The Wall-Love Riot

Love the riotous drums on this new track. Sounds a little bit like the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. New Tilly & The Wall song Love Riot lives up to it's name.
New album called Heavy Mood is out October 2nd.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Neil Young Journey's Movie

There is a new concert/documentary movie being released by director Jonathan Demme called "Neil Young Journeys." The concert part of the movie is filmed at Massey Hall in downtown Toronto whereas the documentary films Neil while he travels to his hometown of Omemee Ontario ( Note: this is only one of Neil's hometowns as he also lived in Toronto and Winnipeg in his early years). This is significant to me because I grew up in the larger community of Lindsay Ontario which is only 15 km from the village of Omemee.
I had to chuckle at this Q&A with the film's director on the Rolling Stone website. Firstly, the article misspells the community as Omeeme  (They may have corrected it by the time you read the article...or not). Secondly, is when the interviewer muses " For anyone who has listened to Neil Young's music, to actually see the town in North Ontario that he sings about in Helpless was fascinating" to which Jonathan Demme responds (hilariously!!) "I know! Whenever you heard that line, didn't you always picture something? It was very beautiful, whatever it was. And it was kind of amazing to get to that town in North Ontario and see, what do you know, it is gourgeous. It is dreamlike. And, amazingly, it's still here."
Not to dump on Omemee Ontario but it is no different than any other small village in Ontario. It is located in a scenic part of the province with the Cavan Hills located to south of the village. However, I have driven through the village a million times ( I used to commute between Lindsay & Peterborough every day) and really never thought about it being magical. The village is located on the Trans Canada highway between Lindsay and Peterborough Ontario. Having grown up in the area nobody thought we were in North (Northern???) Ontario. It is probably more situated in South Central Ontario. There are some nice rolling hills in the area (eskers as I learned in geography class) and a couple of nearby ski hills. I wouldn't recommend swimming in the Pigeon River which cuts through the village as it is full weeds and leeches. There is a museum dedicated to Neil Young on the main street of Omemee. I have never been but have always wanted to go there.
I remember his house quite well. The house where Neil grew up is also on the Trans Canada highway. The Shell station where I frequently purchased gas is only a few doors down from his house.

Apparently the movie is being released in New York and Los Angeles tomorrow (Why not Toronto ???)

That being said, Neil Young's song Helpless is a true classic and probably one of the best written songs in rock and roll history.

Here is video Neil Young's recording of Helpless (Live from Massey Hall 1972) with scenes of Omemee Ontario.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Paul Banks-Summertime is Coming

New single called Summertime is Coming from Interpol front man Paul Banks from his EP Julian Plenti Lives which is out today.

Somebody tell Paul that summertime is already here.

Paul Banks-Summertime is Coming

Echo Lake

Sad to read the news about the death of drummer Pete Hayes of the up and coming British band Echo Lake. I have only heard a couple of singles from this band but they seem promising and they are being compared to Beach House. Let's hope the band can carry on and not suffer the same fate as Vancouver band You Say Party after they lost their drummer.

Their new LP is out now on Slumberland Records.

Echo Lake-Even the Blind (Offiical Video)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New Raveonettes Single

Danish Shoegazers the Raveonettes have released a new single called Observations. The single's sound indicates that nothing has changed much musically from their last few albums. Who is is still Sharin Foo's beautiful voice backed by Sune Rose Wagner's jangly guitar.
The band have announced a new album called Observator to be released on September 11th. They have also announced a tour and will be at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on October 2nd. I plan to be there!!!

Listen below


Monday, 25 June 2012

Beach House Myth

Beach House is playing the Koolhaus in Toronto on Saturday October 13th and bought I tickets to see them today. Myth is one of my favourite songs of the year. Victoria LeGrand has a beautiful voice and it is really exemplified in this song.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Janelle Monae- Toronto Jazz Festival

This is my first post so bare with me.

Friday saw the beginning of the Toronto Jazz festival with up and coming R&B star Janelle Monae. If you have ever been to the jazz festival you know that the major acts are staged in a large tent in the middle of Nathan Phillips Square. Tickets to get in to the tent are quite expensive but there is a free zone just outside the tent. I live quite close to Nathan Phillips Square so I decided to go and take in the show from the free zone.
F.Y.I....Do not buy a beer from the free zone. Tall boys of Mill Street cost $8.75 plus tip.

The show started around 9:15 PM. I managed to get a good vantage point for the show despite the display cars advertising Hyundai that were planted directly in front of the stage. Also, the sound sucks in the free zone because all of the speakers are inside the tent.

Janelle puts on a very high energy show. This girl must lose 5 to 10 pounds every performance.  She only slowed down when she sang the Charlie Chaplin song Smile. Included in her set mix were two awesome cover songs. Michael Jackson's I Want You Back and Prince's Take Me With U. She ended her 45 minute set with her most popular songs Cold War and Tightrope (Still sounded good despite being overplayed in a certain car commercial!!!)
After a 5 minute break Janelle and her band returned for an encore. The first song was a medley of James Bond theme song covers. Wearing what looked like a tuxedo she sang You Only Live Twice followed by Goldfinger. The night ended with a with the song Come Alive (The War of the Roses). This song is a 10 minute blast featuring audience sing alongs, guitar solos, standing on audience member's shoulders, and Janelle and her band dancing and rolling around on the ground.

Quite a way to start a jazz festival!!!