Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Music: Wildcat! Wildcat!- Please and Thank You

Wildcat! Wildcat! are a new Los Angeles trio who have made quite a bit of buzz around the City of Angels based on their first two singles. That hype has already got them a spot opening for Alt-J on their latest tour, and the band are also set to make their first ever appearance at SXSW. Their newest track Please & Thank You originally came out back in October as part of a Kitsune compilation, but now they are re-releasing the single and giving it way for free. The twinkling pianos and falsetto vocals are reminiscent of unrestrained MGMT. Expect more from this band in the next few months.

Download the track below courtesy of Soundcloud.

For fans of MGMT, Passion Pit.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Music: High Highs- In A Dream

Last summer we posted the brilliant track and accompanying video for Once Around The House by Australian/Brooklyn indie pop duo High Highs. At the time, we stated that their new album would be out in early in 2013 and then we quickly forgot about them. Well its now early 2013, their new album is upon us, and to remind us how great their music is the couple have released another beautiful single titled In A Dream. Listen below:

The High Highs released their new album Open Season today and you can get via Fine Time.

For fans of Hooray For Earth, Wild Nothing, Youth Lagoon.

New Music: EmptyMansions- Lyra

Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino has decided to follow in Paul Banks footsteps and release a solo album of his own. Fogarino's has recorded under the name of EmptyMansions and has enlisted the help of fellow Interpol member Brandon Curtis. Listen to Lyra, the first track to his new album below:

Fogarino will release his debut album, snakes/vultures/sulfate, April 2nd via Riot House Records.

For fans of Interpol, Sonic Youth, Pixies.

Monday, 28 January 2013

New Music: The Knife- Full Of Fire + Music Video

This new ninety minute triple LP coming from Sweden's coolest electronic couple The Knife is going to be fucking awesome. To lead with a single this good only proves the point that the duo's new LP will probably one of the best of the year. The hard driving Full of Fire is a techno monster full of industrial strength beats and pulsating synths that wouldn't be out of place on an old Nitzer Ebb album.

The music video for the track was directed by Marit Osberg who is a German feminist porn movie director. The video follows 16 people over the length of 10 minutes and features an occupy protest, a woman taking a pee in the middle of the street and a group of S&M participants. There used to be a goth club in downtown Toronto called The Sanctuary-something tells me this music and the accompanying video would have been very popular there. Watch below:

The new album is titled Shaking The Habitual and will be released on April 9th via Rabid/Brille/Mute Records.

For fans of Nitzer Ebb, Aphex Twin, Fever Ray.

New Music: Jagwar Ma- The Throw

All sorts of styles of retro music have had a second coming in the last couple of years including 80's synth pop, dream pop, shoegaze, psych and post punk, but one style of music that has been noticeably absent is the late eighties/early nineties baggy Madchester sound....until now. Jagwar Ma are not from the industrial heartland of Britain like many of their heroes, but rather from tropical, sunny Sydney Australia. Does't matter though, as The Throw is a seven minute pyschedelic dance extravaganza that would make The Happy Mondays proud. Listen below:

For fans of The Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, The Charlatans

New Music: Surfer Blood- Weird Shapes

Download the new track from Florida indie rock band Surfer Blood titled Weird Shapes.The band are planning to release a new album, Pythons, in the near future. Details to follow......

Sunday, 27 January 2013

New Music: Young Galaxy- Pretty Boy

Swedish musician/producer Dan Lissvik is back to helm the just announced new Young Galaxy album Ultramarine. Lissvick was responsible for YG's  brilliant, underrated Shapeshifters record and if the new single Pretty Boy is any indication there will be more synth pop goodness on the new LP. The track has a Balearic feel to it and features singer Catherine McCandless sweet voice crooning about a former flame. Listen to the track below:

Ultramarine drops April 23rd via Paper Bag Records.

For fans of School of Seven Bells, El Perro del Mar.

New Music: The Strokes- One Way Trigger

When I first heard The Strokes new song One Way Trigger, I thought to myself a-ha!!!! No, not "a-ha" as in this is a different sound for the band that is really good, but "a-Ha" as in the Norwegian 80's synth pop band. Really, this song sounds like a-Ha's biggest hit Take On Me.  As I started reading about the song on other blogs, it was apparent that others agreed with this assessment. Also, this track features lead singer Julian Casablancas singing falsetto which makes him sound a little bit like Bono. Judge for yourself-the song is free from the band's website, but you have to give up your E-mail address.

There is no word yet if this song will part of a new album.....keep posted.

Five Star Songs: The Chameleons- Swamp Thing

With the news this week that The Chameleons lead singer Mark Burgess has helped with new California buzz band Wax Idols new album it reminded me of one of the best post punk songs ever written. Swamp Thing is a Mark Burgess penned single off of the album Strange Times and has my favourite intro of any song in the post punk period. Listen below:

Buy the album Strange Times from Amazon or check your local record store.

Friday, 25 January 2013

New Music: The Flaming Lips- Sun Blows Up Today

Psychedelic rock kingpins The Flaming Lips have just announced a new album, The Terror, and to celebrate the band have come out with a fun little non-album track called Sun Blows Up Today which will also be featured in a Hyundai Super Bowl commercial. The Korean car maker will also offer Sun Blows Up Today as a free download on it's website, and the song will be a bonus track on the iTunes release of the album. Watch the lyrics video below:

The Terror is produced by The Flaming Lips regular go to guy Dave Fridmann and will be available April 1st via Bella Union/Warner Bros.

New Music: Beliefs- Gallows Bird

When I went to see Beliefs play live at The Drake Hotel in Toronto over the Christmas break I believe Gallows Bird, if I remember correctly, was the last song they played on the night, and what a great epic track this is when the band play it live. The seven minute shoegaze song sounds pretty good coming your home speakers too, as it morphs from a wall of fuzz to a jangle rock finale. Listen to the track below:

Beliefs self titled debut album will be released on March 3rd via Hand Drawn Dracula/Manimal Vinyl/No Pain in Pop.

For fans of My Bloody Valentine, Echo Lake, Memoryhouse.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Music: The Cribs- Leather Jacket Love Song + Music Video

British indie rock favourite The Cribs just released a new/old track titled Leather Jacket Love Song which will be part of the band's upcoming Best Of release slated to come out next month. The song is taken from the band's Ignore the Ignorant album era, which was when the band employed the great Johnny Marr. Watch the video below which shows the band rehearsing for a gig and otherwise just screwing around.

The Cribs new Best Of album, Payola, will be released on February 25th via Wichita.

New Music: Wampire- The Hearse

Crazy good new synth pop from new Portland Oregon band Wampire. I am thinking that these guys may have worked in a funeral home or cemetery at some point in their lives. (Don't judge;  I used to work in a job I ever had!!!)  Wampire's new single, The Hearse, fits into the group's macabre persona perfectly. Listen below:

The debut album by Wampire, Curiosity,  was produced by Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Jake Portrait and will be out some time in May via Polyvinyl.

For fans of John Maus. Ariel Pink.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Music: Sally Shapiro- Starman (Featuring Electric Youth)

Starman is the newest single from Swedish Italo disco artist Sally Shapiro. The song features (and was written by) Toronto synth pop band Electric Youth, who are best known from the Drive soundtrack.

Sally Shapiro's newest album, Somewhere Else, will be available February 26th via Paper Bag Records.

For fans of Chromatics, Parallels, David Bowie.

New Music: Herve´- Save Me (Feat. Austra)

Save Me is the first single from Herve´'s forthcoming new album, The Art of Disappearing. The eerie electronic track features the warbling's of the equally spooky Toronto artist Katie Stelmanis, aka Austra. Watch the grainy video for the song below:

The new LP also employs the assistance of Niki & The Dove and Maria Minervia and will be released in the UK on March 4th via Cheap Thrills.

For fans of Austra, White Sea. 

Monday, 21 January 2013

New Music: Wax Idols: AD RE: IAN

Not only is this a really good song, but the title of the track has my first name in it. AD RE: IAN is not about me (obviously), but is about a friend of singer Wax Idols Heather Fortune, who wanted to give up on life. The band have expanded their sound from last year's No Future Release into more moody, darker territory and it shows on the debut single from their forthcoming album.  They even brought in veteran post punk musician Mark Burgess of The Chameleons to help out on the LP. Listen to the track below:

Update: According a tweet from @HETHERFORTUNE, the lead singer of Wax Idols, the song was actually inspired by Ian Curtis, and Adrian Borland who was the lead singer for 80's post punk band The Sound.

Wax Idols will release their sophomore album, and their first with Slumberland, on March 26th.

For fans of Bauhaus, Savages, Frankie Rose.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Five Star Songs- Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark- Telegraph

Quietly last week, veteran synth pop band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) announced they were releasing a new album in April. The news seemed to be lost in all of the hype over  other artists, old and new (Bowie, Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Depeche Mode, Black Sabbath etc....), who will be coming out  with LPs later this year. The album will be titled English Electric and has a release date of April 9th.

On top of that, the original 4 piece band featuring Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys, Malcolm Holmes and Martin Cooper will be reuniting for a 35th anniversary tour of the UK and Europe (No word on any North American dates yet)

OMD's popularity peaked in the mid-eighties, but their second best album, Dazzle Ships, was released in 1983, and is notorious for being the band's biggest flop. The album was chalk full of sound collages and shortwave radio recordings that turned off many listeners and critics alike. However, mixed in with the mess of foghorns and robot voices, were a few brilliant pop songs including the singles Genetic Engineering and Telegraph.

Telegraph was the best track on the album, but only made it to number 42 on the British charts. The song honours obsolete electronics at a time when technology was rapidly it still is today. The song is a stand out on Dazzle Ships compared to all of the other experimental din on the avant-garde LP. Listen to the track below:

After Dazzle Ships tanked, OMD went into a poppier direction and had their biggest U.S. hit with If You Leave from the Pretty in Pink soundtrack. By the mid-nineties the synth pop sound was dead and was overtaken by the rave scene, In 1996, OMD lead singer Andy McCluskey disbanded the band and went on to form all girl pop group Atomic Kitten.

Synth pop has regained a renaissance in recent years and the original lineup of OMD decided to re-form in 2006. The band have been releasing new material, touring and reissuing their older material ever since.

Dazzle Ships was rereleased plus remastered with added bonus tracks in 2008, and gained critical acclaim from many music critics. You can find the reissue CD and the original vinyl at Amazon or check your local record store.

Friday, 18 January 2013

New Music: Youth Lagoon- Dropla

Holy shit this song is good!!! Six minutes of indie pop goodness with the repetitive chorus "You'll Never Die, You'll Never Die, You'll Never Die" playing over a bunch of eclectic instruments including a kid's piano, mandolin and a xylophone. Dropla is the first single from bedroom artist Youth Lagoon's new album Wondrous Bughouse which will be released March 5th via Fat Possum. Download the track below:

For fans of The Antlers, I Break Horses.

New Music: City Reign- Making Plans + Music Video

Making Plans is the third track to featured from the upcoming release by Manchester band City Reign. The music video features the band playing in the legendary Night and Day club, where the band played their first gig. Watch and listen below:

The band's new album, Another Step, will be available on February 25th via Car Boot Records.

For fans of The Cribs, The Courteeners

New Music: Melted Toys- Always

Melted Toys are a three piece indie rock band from California, who just happen to be touring with fellow San Francisco artist Christopher Owens. Always is part of a limited edition cassette the band recorded that features unmastered demos from their new LP. The tape will be available on each of the band's tour dates with Owens. Listen to the lo fi synth pop track below:

Christopher Owens and Melted Toys are playing The Mod Club in Toronto tonight. Check your local listings for more upcoming tour dates.

For fans of Girls, Minks.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Music: Beach Fossils- Generational Synthetic

Generational Synthetic is the second single to be released from reverb happy New York jangle pop band Beach Fossils new album Clash The Truth. Front man Dustin Payseur wrote the song about his conflicted feelings about artists selling out. Maybe he should talk to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs about selling their music to disappointed in them. Anyway, listen to the jangle pop bass heavy track below:

Beach Fossils will release their sophomore album, Clash the Truth, on February 19th via Captured Tracks.

For fans of DIIV, Craft Spells, Seapony.

New Music: Golden Grrrls- Past Tense

Scotland seems to be the land of the twee bands, which is a really, really good thing. Golden Grrrls are about to join a long list of great C86 inspired groups from my ancestral homeland. Past Tense is a really short but sweet funtastic indie pop song. Listen below:

Golden Grrrls self titled debut album will be released February 26th via Slumberland Records.

For fans of The Pastels, Belle & Sebastian, The History of Apple Pie.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Music: Merchandise- Anxiety's Door

Merchandise are a really good up and coming post punk band from Tampa Florida. Last year the former hardcore group released the album Children of Desire, which I have yet to check to out. After hearing the track Anxiety's Door, I will definitely go back and listen to their back catalogue. Meanwhile the band already have plans to release a new EP, Totale Night, some time this spring on Night People. Listen to Anxiety's Door below:

For fans of The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Music: Doldrums- Anomaly

The last time I saw Doldrums producer Airick Woodhead was at the Drake Hotel in Toronto on a late December night, during a concert of his brother's band Moon King. The dude was dancing feverishly right in front of me and he seemed to quite enjoy his sibling's music.

Doldrums is getting ready to release his new album Lesser Evil in a few weeks, and he just put out another teaser to get us ready for the LP. Anomaly is still experimental like the previously released She Is The Wave, but this song takes on more of a pop sheen that is indebted to the 80's. It might even be close in sounding to the previously mentioned Moon King. Download the track below:

Lesser Evil will be available February 26th via Arbutus Records.

For fans of Moon King, DIANA, Prince Innocence.

New Music: Popstrangers- What Else Could They Do

Second song to be released from New Zealand indie rock band Popstrangers upcoming new album, Antipodes, which will be released February 26th via Carpark. Download the grunge heavy 90's influenced track, What Else Could I Do, below:

For fans of Cloud Nothings, The Chills.

Monday, 14 January 2013

New Music: Ra Ra Riot - Dance With Me + Is It Too Much

Here are two great new tracks, Dance With Me and Is It Too Much, from the upcoming new LP from New York indie pop outfit Ra Ra Riot. Listen to the songs below:

Ra Ra Riot are currently touring North America and have a date at Lee's Palace in Toronto on March 6th. Also just announced, Ra Ra Riot will be part of the Field Trip concert, which features a star studded indie line up at Fort York in Toronto that celebrates the record label Arts & Crafts 10th anniversary. For all other tour dates check your local listings.

Beta Love will be released on January 22nd via Arts & Crafts/Barsuk Records.

New Music: Foxygen- No Destruction

The Dylan-esque No Destruction is the latest track from serious buzz band Foxygen. Listen below:

Foxygen release their new album We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic on January 22nd via Jagjaguwar.

Foxygen are touring with Unknown Mortal Orchestra this spring and play the Wrongbar in Toronto on March 4th. Check your local listings.

For fans of Bob Dylan, Sun Airway, Jason Collett.

New Music: Guards- Ready to Go

Another day, another new Guards track. When is the release date of their new album? Not for a couple of weeks yet. Anyway, Ready to Go is another great song released from the band ahead of their forthcoming LP release. This track has a sound that is closer to Richie Follin's sister's band Cults. Listen below.

In Guards We Trust will be released on February 5th via Black Bell

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Five Star Songs: David Bowie- Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

Still can't believe David Bowie released a brand new song this week. If you haven't heard his comeback track, Where Are We Now, where have you been??? Check it out here.

Once I digested the news of Bowie's surprise return, I reminisced over the last 25 years of his discography and realized he hasn't made any classic albums in that time span. The LP's he has made during the late eighties, nineties and the aughts have been just so so. My two favourite recent albums by Bowie are probably the industrial tinged Earthling with the great song I'm Afraid of Americans and his last album the art rock sounding Reality.

Before that, his last great album-and probably his best selling LP- was the 1983 pop masterpiece Let's Dance. The title track was a number 1 hit in both the U.S. and the U.K. and the album also produced the smash hits Modern Love and the re-worked China Girl which was first written for Iggy Pop. Also on the album was the song Cat People (Putting Out the Fire) which was released as a single, with the production of Giorgio Moroder, a couple of years earlier and re-recorded for the album.

The song might be more familiar nowadays for being featured in Quentin Tarantino's movie Inglorious Basterds. This is probably one of the best uses of a song in a movie. The track plays while the main female protagonist in the film, Shoshanna, is preparing to burn down a theatre which will trap all of the Nazi elite, including Hitler, in the fire. Some people criticize that the song is misplaced and that a pop song from the eighties should not be in a historical drama. Besides the similar theme of the song's lyrics to this part of the film, in a roundabout way the track fits perfectly with the scene in the movie. Bowie originally recorded the goth rock influenced Cat People for the movie with the same name in 1982-which was a re-make of the 1942 classic horror movie. In just so happens that Inglorious Basterds takes place in the same time period. Anyhow... watch the original music video for the song below:

Friday, 11 January 2013

New Music: Barbarian- Medium Spirits + Music Video

This great dream pop song is definitely the track of the week (with apologies to Mr Bowie). Barbarian are a San Diego band that have just signed to Loose Recordings, a fledgling record label just started by Nathalia Pizarro of the band Chains of Love. Love this song!!! Watch the video for Medium Spirits below:

The track will be featured on the band's new 7", Daze of Youth, which will be out on February 1st.

For fans of Wild Nothing, Guards.

New Music: Bleached- Next Stop

After teasing us with the a garage pop single, Electric Chair, a couple of years ago, lo fi LA indie rock sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin and their band Bleached are finally ready to release their debut album.  If you are unfamiliar with the duo, they take the punk ferocity of their former band Mika Miko and mix it with California sunshine pop. Next Stop is a head rush of a first single released from their forthcoming new LP, Ride Your Heart, which will come out April 2nd via Dead Oceans. Listen to the track below:

For fans of Mika Miko, Wax Idols, Vivian Girls.

New Music: The History of Apple Pie- See You

New twee gaze from London indie rock band The History of Apple Pie. See You is a great fuzzed out guitar jam that features the sugar sweet vocals from lead singer Stephanie Min. Listen below:

The History of Apple Pie release their debut album, Out of View, on January 28th via Marshall Teller.

For fans of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Yuck.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Music: The Besnard Lakes- People of The Sticks

New track from my favourite Canadian shoegaze band The Besnard Lakes. The band enlists the help of Spencer Krug of Moonface, Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown for their new album Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO which will be released in the Spring.

The press release states that  "The Besnard Lakes create a distinct and dreamy headspace, an enigmatic and somehow familiar placelessness." which sums up the band perfectly and the new track People of The Sticks exemplifies this quote.  Listen below:

Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO  will be released on April 2nd via Jagjaguwar/Outside.

For fans of Wolf Parade, Suuns.

New Music: Rachel Zeffira- Here On In

You may know singer Rachel Zeffira as one half of Cat Eyes, the 2011 duo that also featured Faris Badwan of The Horrors. The singer-songwriter has already put out her debut album, The Deserters, in the UK and now Paper Bag Records is ready to introduce her first record to this side of the pond. The Canadian born Zeffira is a classically trained singer who is following in the foot steps of fellow Canuck opera tutored/indie pop singer Katie Stelmanis of Austra.

Her debut single Here On In features the musicianship of the band Toy and Melissa Rigby, the drummer in the band S.C.U.M. The track will most likely be compared to Austra and Zola Jesus, but Here On In is a lot more nu gaze like the boys in the aforementioned Toy and The Horrors and less goth than her indie pop goth female contemporaries. Listen below:

The Deserters will be available March 12th via Paper Bag Records.

For fans of Toy, Nico, The Horrors

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Music: David Bowie- Where Are We Now? + Music Video

Yes, I was one of those people that thought David Bowie had retired and that we would not hear any new music from him again. Surprise!! Surprise!!! the Thin White Duke has shocked us all by not only releasing a new song but announcing a whole new album. And it's Bowie's birthday. Fitting that his new track, Where are We Now? is him taking a retrospective look back at his Berlin years. Watch the freaky lyrics video for the song below:

There is no indication that Bowie will be touring this album or even doing press, which indicates that he will remain reclusive and semi retired.

Bowie's new album, The Next Day, is out March 11th via Columbia

New Music: Foxygen- San Francisco + Music Video

Is there such a thing as psychedelic twee? If this song isn't the definition of that, I don't what is. Foxygen pays homage to 60's hippies in their new track San Francisco...but that's okay, they were born in L.A. Listen and watch the Wes Anderson inspired video below.

Foxygen release their new album We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic on January 22nd via Jagjaguwar.

Foxygen are touring with Unknown Mortal Orchestra this spring and play the Wrongbar in Toronto on March 4th. Check your local listings for tour dates near you.

For fans of Sun Airway, Nightlands, The Kinks.

Monday, 7 January 2013

New Music: Local Natives- Heavy Feet

We have all had that desperate feeling when you are at a party or get together and you don't really know anybody and nobody pays attention to you. You feel really alone and you end hiding in a corner somewhere.

The lyrics in the second track to be released from Local Natives latest album, Hummingbird, brings that loneliness to the forefront. The melodic harmonies of Heavy Feet is closer to the sound of the band's debut album Gorilla Manor than what we heard from the first single Breakers. Listen below: 

Hummingbird will be released on January 29th via French Kiss.

For fans of Grizzly Bear, Freelance Whales.

New Music: Suede- Barriers

Hope everybody got their free download of the new track from Suede, Barriers, earlier today. If not, what are you waiting for? You can download the song from the band's website or listen below via Soundcloud.

Suede are set to release their sixth album, Bloodsports, some time in March.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Five Star Songs: Primal Scream- Swastika Eyes

My New Years Eve this (last) year was spent with a lot of beer, Scotch, champagne and eight hours of really cool music. I don't remember much about the latter parts of NYE, but I do know that when Primal Scream's Swastika Eyes came on the stereo it turned the night into hyperdrive.

The single is the first off PS's 1999 XTRMNTR album which, if I remember correctly, topped many music critics best of lists...and deservedly so. The album was heavily influenced by the rave music scene at the time and featured many guest stars including Bernard Sumner of New Order, Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine and the Chemical Brothers who did an fantastic remix of the featured song. At the time, Swastika Eyes was the most controversial and angriest thing that Primal Scream ever recorded. Surprisingly, the anti American government electro punk song actually made it to number 22 on the British Charts. Listen to the original album track and the Chemical Brothers remix below:

Primal Scream- Swastika Eyes
Primal Scream- Swastika Eyes (Chemical Brothers remix)

And in other Primal Scream news there is a new album in the works. PS leader Bobby Gillespie has stated that the new LP will come out some time before summer of this year and will have guest musicians Debbie Googe from My Bloody Valentine and Mark Stewart from The Pop Group. Kevin Shields will not be part of the new record and the group will also be missing Mani who has left to focus on the reunion of The Stone Roses.

Buy XTRMNTR on Amazon or check your local record store.

Friday, 4 January 2013

New Music: Factory Floor- Fall Back

Best to start the weekend off right and London industrial dance band Factory Floor have provided the perfect tune for this Friday night. The eight minute pulsating single, Fall Back, is the best death disco song I have heard since the same band released Two Different Ways back in 2011. Listen below:

The single will be available January 15th via DFA Records. Meanwhile, Factory Floor plan to release their debut album some time in late spring.

For fans of HTRK, Soft Metals, DAF.

New Music: Guards- Nightmare (Teaser)

Ugh.... not sure I like teasers. Especially when the song sounds as good as the new Guards track Nightmare. Of the songs that Guards have released so far from their upcoming new album In Guards We Trust, this seems to be my favourite, even though I haven't listened to whole song. Judge for yourself by listening to Guards previous two singles Silver Lining and Coming True and then watch/listen below to the video teaser for their new track Nightmare.

In Guards We Trust will be released on February 5th via Black Bell.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Music: Ducktails- Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent is the second single from Ducktails forthcoming new album The Flower Lane. This track features guest musicians Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford of Ford & Lopatin fame plus Jessa Farkas of Future Shutter and Ian Drennan of Big Troubles duetting on vocals. While the title track from the album, The Flower Lane, reminded of classic pop music, Letter of Intent has a more electro feel to it..  Listen below:

The Flower Lane will be available January 29th via Domino.

For fans of Chromatics, Real Estate, Oneohtrix Point Never.

Citizens! Visit BTR Live Studio

Watch: Before Christmas, up and coming London indie pop band Citizens! visited BTR Live Studio for an interview and a featured performance of their track True Romance.

Citizens! new album, Here We Are, was produced byAlex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand and is available now via Kitsune´.

New Music: Twigs- Weak Spot + Breathe

Here are two great tracks from the remarkable new electronic R&B artist Twigs. Weak Spot sounds like a quieter, more sexy version of Grimes while Breathe is more poppier and evokes Bat for Lashes.. Watch the two videos for the songs below and then head over to Bandcamp to listen to and purchase her 4 track EP.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Music: Born Ruffians- With Her Shadow

Midland Ontario artsy indie pop band Born Ruffians got a jump on everybody else in 2013 by debuting their new track on New Years Day. With Her Shadow is a nice indie pop song that features a hint of Larry Mullen Jr. drumming from U2's War era. Listen below:

The band are set to release their new album in the near future via Paper Bag Records.

For fans of Vampire Weekend, The Dodos.

New Music: Deptford Goth- Union

First post for 2013 features a leftover from 2012. Although, British electronic artist Daniel Woodhouse, aka Deptford Goth, is one new artist you definitely need to watch out for in the brand new year.

Union is taken from his new album which will be released some time this year on Merok. Listen to the minimalist, atmospheric, electronic R&B song below:

For fans of James Blake, How to Dress Well.