Sunday, 27 January 2013

New Music: The Strokes- One Way Trigger

When I first heard The Strokes new song One Way Trigger, I thought to myself a-ha!!!! No, not "a-ha" as in this is a different sound for the band that is really good, but "a-Ha" as in the Norwegian 80's synth pop band. Really, this song sounds like a-Ha's biggest hit Take On Me.  As I started reading about the song on other blogs, it was apparent that others agreed with this assessment. Also, this track features lead singer Julian Casablancas singing falsetto which makes him sound a little bit like Bono. Judge for yourself-the song is free from the band's website, but you have to give up your E-mail address.

There is no word yet if this song will part of a new album.....keep posted.

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