Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Music: Doldrums- Anomaly

The last time I saw Doldrums producer Airick Woodhead was at the Drake Hotel in Toronto on a late December night, during a concert of his brother's band Moon King. The dude was dancing feverishly right in front of me and he seemed to quite enjoy his sibling's music.

Doldrums is getting ready to release his new album Lesser Evil in a few weeks, and he just put out another teaser to get us ready for the LP. Anomaly is still experimental like the previously released She Is The Wave, but this song takes on more of a pop sheen that is indebted to the 80's. It might even be close in sounding to the previously mentioned Moon King. Download the track below:

Lesser Evil will be available February 26th via Arbutus Records.

For fans of Moon King, DIANA, Prince Innocence.

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