Monday, 21 January 2013

New Music: Wax Idols: AD RE: IAN

Not only is this a really good song, but the title of the track has my first name in it. AD RE: IAN is not about me (obviously), but is about a friend of singer Wax Idols Heather Fortune, who wanted to give up on life. The band have expanded their sound from last year's No Future Release into more moody, darker territory and it shows on the debut single from their forthcoming album.  They even brought in veteran post punk musician Mark Burgess of The Chameleons to help out on the LP. Listen to the track below:

Update: According a tweet from @HETHERFORTUNE, the lead singer of Wax Idols, the song was actually inspired by Ian Curtis, and Adrian Borland who was the lead singer for 80's post punk band The Sound.

Wax Idols will release their sophomore album, and their first with Slumberland, on March 26th.

For fans of Bauhaus, Savages, Frankie Rose.

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