Sunday, 6 January 2013

Five Star Songs: Primal Scream- Swastika Eyes

My New Years Eve this (last) year was spent with a lot of beer, Scotch, champagne and eight hours of really cool music. I don't remember much about the latter parts of NYE, but I do know that when Primal Scream's Swastika Eyes came on the stereo it turned the night into hyperdrive.

The single is the first off PS's 1999 XTRMNTR album which, if I remember correctly, topped many music critics best of lists...and deservedly so. The album was heavily influenced by the rave music scene at the time and featured many guest stars including Bernard Sumner of New Order, Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine and the Chemical Brothers who did an fantastic remix of the featured song. At the time, Swastika Eyes was the most controversial and angriest thing that Primal Scream ever recorded. Surprisingly, the anti American government electro punk song actually made it to number 22 on the British Charts. Listen to the original album track and the Chemical Brothers remix below:

Primal Scream- Swastika Eyes
Primal Scream- Swastika Eyes (Chemical Brothers remix)

And in other Primal Scream news there is a new album in the works. PS leader Bobby Gillespie has stated that the new LP will come out some time before summer of this year and will have guest musicians Debbie Googe from My Bloody Valentine and Mark Stewart from The Pop Group. Kevin Shields will not be part of the new record and the group will also be missing Mani who has left to focus on the reunion of The Stone Roses.

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