Sunday, 21 July 2013

New Music From The Inbox: Featuring Incan Abraham, The Minx, Straw Bear, The Rebel Light and Spooky Fish

It's time to clean out my inbox again. Here is some pretty cool music that has been submitted to me over the last few weeks.

Incan Abraham- "Tuolumne"

This song premiered over at Spin a couple of weeks ago but you can listen to the track here to. The rising LA psych-pop group is releasing their new LP Tuolumne/Whidbey on White Iris Records Aug 6th.

The Minx- Forest Bank

British band The Minx are being championed by Steve Lamacq at BBC Radio. He stated they sound like "a mix of The Buzzcocks and The Undertones" and he is pretty spot on. Listen below:

Straw Bear-Snobbery

This song from UK band Straw Bear is also being heralded at the BBC. This time from a whole host of DJ's including Huw Stephens and Tom Robinson. This track sounds like a folkier version of Belle & Sebastian.

Finally a couple of Soundcloud submissions from bands that I don't know too much about.

The Rebel Light- Jukebox Dream

Beautiful indie pop from Los Angeles indie pop band The Rebel Light.  According to the band they recorded "Jukebox Dream" by themselves throughout various rooms in their house. Listen below:

Spooky Fish- I Dream of Color

Spooky Fish are/is a Toronto based electronic experimental act. This sounds a little bit like UK dub step artist Burial. Hear more over at Bandcamp.

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