Monday, 11 November 2013

New Music: Nyssa- Swear 2 Me

There were rumours flying around last summer that Toronto garage pop band Modern Superstitions had broken up. If this is true it would be sad and surprising news , after all,  they had just released their debut self titled album a few months earlier which received widespread critical acclaim.

Modern Superstitions' lead singer Nyssa Rosaleen is moving on with her music career and has just released a new song titled "Swear 2 Me." She has taken a different futuristic approach on this song that seems to be the polar opposite of what she created with her band, although her amazing voice is still front and centre.. The electro pop track was created with the help of producer Egyptrixx and has an accompanying stylistic music video that features Nyssa hanging out with a hairy monster. Watch and listen below:

"Swear 2 Me is available for download over at Nyssa's bandcamp.

Swear 2 Me from Nyssa Rosaleen on Vimeo.

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