Sunday, 12 January 2014

Five Star Songs: School Of Seven Bells- Sempiternal/Amaranth

I meant to write something regarding dream pop band School Of Seven Bells and death of Benjamin Curtis from cancer last week, but I was too busy to get around to it. Cancer is a mean motherfucker, especially when it strikes down a young and talented person no matter what he does for a living.

Even though I am of fan of Secret Machines, I didn't really fall in love with Curtis' work until he started School of Seven Bells with Brazilian by way of Brooklyn singer Alejandra Deheza, along with her sister Claudia. ( I also didn't know he was a drummer for 90's alt rock band Tripping Daisy until after he died). Curtis passed away at the age of 35, but he was a seasoned veteran of the music industry admired by many artists including Paul Banks or Interpol, Robin Guthrie of The Cocteau Twins and even U2's The Edge.

Unfortunately, I never got to see School of Seven Bells when they came to Toronto to play live, something that I will regret for the rest of my life. Thank goodness there is YouTube to keep alive a genius like Curtis' amazing work. Watch below a concert from 2012 that the band recorded in Berlin and make sure you stick around for the encore to watch the band play an epic shoegaze version of "Sempiternal/Amaranth".

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