Tuesday, 28 January 2014

New Music: Simian Ghost- Echoes of Songs (Tribute to Trish Keenan)

It was three years ago this month that we lost the wonderful Trish Keenan, singer for experimental dream pop band Broadcast. Every time I here the music of Broadcast now it brings a tear to my eye, knowing that Keenan's beautiful voice has been silenced by an ugly disease.

Swedish indie pop band Simian Ghost are similarly fond of Keenan's work and have recorded a new song in tribute to the singer. And the band nails it with the beautiful "Echoes of Songs", a song that is not too far away from their own sound but also has an underlying echo of Broadcast's music. Listening to the first few notes, you'd swear it was Broadcast's "Before We Begin." Check it below:

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