Sunday, 10 February 2013

Five Star Songs: Morrissey- The Last Of The Famous International Playboys

It wasn't all doom and gloom news this week if you are a fan of former Smiths frontman Morrissey. As Moz was recovering in a Michigan hospital from a bleeding ulcer, word came out on Thursday that he will be reissuing the 1991 seminal album Kill Uncle along with a special release of his treasured 1989 single "The Last of The Famous International Playboys".

The single will be reissued in three different versions including a picture 7" vinyl, CD single and digital single. The great thing about the reissued track is that all three versions will include new Morrissey songs that were recorded live at the BBC in 2011. Collect all three and you will get the new tracks "People Are The Same Everywhere" with the vinyl, "Action Is My Middle Name" with the CD, and "The Kid's A Looker" with the download.

Something just as cool that was planned for the reissue of "The Last of The Famous International Playboys" was the single's new artwork. Apparently Morrissey wanted to use a private picture that was taken with himself and David Bowie in 1991 on the sleeve of the single. However, Bowie wouldn't give permission and ordered Morrissey and EMI UK not to use the photograph.

"The Last Of The Famous International Playboys" was originally released in 1989 in the long period between his first and second albums. The track was produced by long time Morrissey collaborator Stephen Street and went to # 6 on the British charts. The darkly humorous tune is an ode to his idols, The Kray Brothers, who were notorious twin British gangsters who were, at the time, locked up in a London jail.  (There is a great movie about the Krays starring Martin and Gary Kemp from the band Spandau Ballet-Find it and watch it!!) The lyrics of the track are written in a way of a fan club letter and reflect the devotion of his own fan's adoration for himself and his music.

"The Last Of The Famous International Playboys" and Kill Uncle reissues will be released on April 8th via Parlophone. Kill Uncle will come out on both CD and vinyl with new artwork plus bonus tracks "Pashernate Love", a Herman's Hermits cover "East West", and a live version of "There's a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends".

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