Sunday, 3 February 2013

Five Star Songs: Sonic Youth- Superstar

It's no secret that I am a sports fans. Hockey, baseball and sometimes football are my favourite sports and like a lot of people I will be glued to the TV to watch today's Super Bowl. One thing I will not be watching is the celebrity shit show known as the Halftime Show. I am not a fan of Top 40 lip syncing pop stars whose appearance and personal branding are more important than their art.

Instead of Beyonce´, a better selection for today would be Sonic Youth's cover of the classic song Superstar. There are umpteen versions of this songs by a multitude of artists, including The Carpenters who charted the highest with the track, but this is the coolest rendition. Listen below: 

Here is hoping all of the Super Bowl's superstar plays are on Baltimore's side this year. Go Ravens!!!

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