Sunday, 4 August 2013

Five Star Songs: Dirty Projectors- Two Doves

Lots of love for this song over on my Tumblr page. The post has a total of 118 notes (and counting)....Not bad!!!

After "Two Doves" started getting all of this attention on Tumblr, I decided to do a little bit more research on the song. The only thing I knew about the track was that it is a an album cut from the excellent Bitte Orca LP and it features the beautiful voice of Amber Coffman.

It turns out the MTV Hive website has an interesting post on the song, and all of the influences Dirty Projectors songwriter David Longstreth used to come up with it. Longstreth used bit and pieces of various songs from 60's artists, most notably Nico and her track "These Days" which was originally written by Jackson Browne. Interesting article - read more here and listen below.

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