Thursday, 8 August 2013

New Music: Black Hearted Brother- (I Don't Mean) To Wonder

Wondering when the last time former Slowdive leader Neal Halstead plugged in his guitar before this year. The man has been making acoustic folk music for years now and a lot of people have given up on there ever being a reunion of the iconic shoegaze band. Slowdive is still on the back burner for now, but this week we learned that Halstead has put folk on hold and gone back to his electric guitar. He has joined a couple of buddies to form a new supergroup to make some seriously loud spacey shoegaze. The new band is called Black Hearted Brother and also features Mark Van Hoen of Seafeel and Nick Holten of Holten's Opulent Oog.

The trio have combined to make a new album titled Stars Are Our Home which will be released October 22nd via Slumberland. Listen to "(I Don't Mean) To Wonder", the first single from their debut album:

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