Monday, 5 August 2013

New Music From The Inbox: Featuring Writer, Black Onassis, Tired Pony & The Lucid Dream

Holiday Monday here in Toronto...good time to check out the latest submissions in my E-mail in-box and pay it forward.

Travis Trevisan from the San Diego shoegaze band Tape Deck Mountain wrote to me about the group Writerwho are signed to his new record label Nineteen98. The band is fronted by a brother duo, James and Andy Ralph, who make psych pop music that could be easily compared to the aforementioned Tape Deck Mountain or a band like Guards. As a matter of fact, Paul Kostabi (the step father of Guards Rich Follin and Cults Madeline Follin) helped out with the recording of their new single "I Make Neon".  The 7" will be released August 31st on Nineteen98. Listen to the A side to the singe, "IE" below:

Black Onassis is a UK indie rock band that is fronted by former Kasabian member Chris Karloff. The song "Brain" doesn't sound too far off from his former band- that is psych rock mixed with a hint of electronica. Listen below or download the track for free.

Tired Pony is an indie super group that features REM's Mike Mills, mega-producer Garret “Jacknife” Lee, Richard Colboun of Belle & Sebastain and singer Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol. Those expecting the anthemic over the top music of Snow Patrol will be surely disappointed. Their single "All Things All at Once" is straightforward folk rock. Listen below:

The band have an album due out October 1st via Lightbody's Heaneyville label.

Finally, another psych rock band from the UK. The Lucid Dream are getting some major attention from the British music press including a feature interview with the Quietus. Listen to their song "Heading For the Waves" below:

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