Monday, 9 July 2012

!!! (Chk Chk Chk)-Live at Lee's Palace

When I was perusing through the concert listings last Thursday I was shocked to see that dance punk act !!! were playing a show at Lee's Palace on the following Saturday. They haven't released a new album since their 2010 release Strange Weather, Isn't It and there has not been any news about them releasing any new material. I had heard a lot of good things about their live show and I knew I had to see them. I always love it when bands come through town and they are not promoting a new album or there is no buzz surrounding them. It usually means that the show will not sell out. This was the case on Saturday as Lee's Palace was only at 75 % capacity.
The show opened with a band called Dopes led by former Tangiers and Bad Tits singer Josh Reichmann. The band consisted of two members-one playing guitar and Josh playing a keyboard which was perched on top of two of Lee's infamous red stools. They were backed by a Macbook that provided pre-recoded backing tracks. The songs were an odd experimental mix of post punk and pop music. The last two songs were sung with auto tune-I'm not a big fan of auto tune and songs came across too weird for me.
After a 45 minute wait it was time for !!! to take the stage. Lead singer Nic Offer came onto the stage wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. Apparently they were porno shorts, but I was too far back of the stage to see what pictures were emblazoned on them.  He later explained that he bought them at a Thrift shop in Athens Georgia. The first song was the classic All My Heroes are Weirdoes. Nic Offer started doing the frenetic dancing he is famous for and the rest of Lee's Palace followed suit. Nobody was left sitting at the side tables or the previously mentioned stools.The band raced through some of their classic material like Must Be the Moon,Yadnus and Heart of Hearts leaving the crowd in a sweating frenzy. Nic Offer also made a couple of forays into the crowd and did a few tightrope acts on the wooden side bars around Lee's pit. Kudo's to the dude in the Pure Energy T Shirt who jumped up on stage and out danced Offer. Offer didn't mind as he danced along with him and invited him back for the encore. The band played two new songs called Except Death and Jack Ruby. Offer also announced that they have completed recording a new album and it would be released "whenever the internet says it is cool to do so." Looking forward to it. They only played one encore song which is probably a good thing as the crowd and the band looked like they were drowning in sweat due to the crazy amount of dancing mixed with the sweltering venue. However myself and the rest of the crowd were left wanting more.
Next time.....

Here is the set list from the show

All My Heroes are Weirdos
Jamie, My Intentions are Bass
Except Death
Must Be The Moon
Jack Ruby
Heart of Hearts

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