Sunday, 15 July 2012

Favourite Songs: Queens of the Stone Age-Better Living Through Chemistry

Tonight marks the return of AMC's hit drama Breaking Bad. I'm looking forward to seeing what creator and writer Vince Gilligan has in store for main character Walter White (Bryan Cranston) as he becomes more inimical and takes over the as drug kingpin in Albuquerque New Mexico. As the series is in it's final chapter I am betting the last 16 episodes will be crazier than ever.
But first, what better way to celebrate the premiere of Breaking Bad than paying homage to the song Better Living Through Chemistry by Queens of the Stone Age.  The band is classified as stoner rock, although this is a term that Josh Homme rejects- and a lot of band's lyrics revolve around drug culture. Queens of the Stone Age formed in Palm Desert California in 1997 and released Rated R in 2000 to critical success. It became the band's breakthrough album.
Better Living Through Chemistry (not to be confused with the debut album from Fatboy Slim) was never released as a single but is arguably one of the best songs the Queens of the Stone Ages ever recorded. A dark slow lilting tune with a fast guitar piece, Nick Oliveri's driving bass and a track time of over 5 minutes. The song is most likely about the taking of LSD in the desert with a hint of violence.
Sadly, Oliveri was kicked out of the band in 2006 for being a jerk-rumours were that he hit his girlfriend.

"The blue pill opens your eyes
Is there a better way
A new religion prescribed
To those without the faith
The hero holding a knife
And blood is not enough
Is it too late to go back?
Is it too late to go?"

Listen: Queens of the Stone Age-Better Living Through Chemistry

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