Sunday, 29 July 2012

Favourite Songs: The Sundays- Can't Be Sure

Unless you are half dead, you probably already know that the Olympics started the other day with the marathon, overly stuffy opening ceremonies. Even the queen looked like she was going to fall asleep as  athletes from every country in the world, including tin-pot dictatorships and South Pacific atolls, marched into the stadium. On top of that, Canadians had to endure CTV's blase coverage which consisted of Brian Williams blabbering geography lessons and political opinions that nobody cares about. I heard that NBC's coverage was even worse, with them cutting away from Danny Boyle's tribute of terror victims, to an interview that was given by Ryan Seacrest. Really!!! Ryan Seacrest?? Pathetic!!

Anyway, I will be cheering for the Canadian team like everyone else. I don't think the Canadians will win many medals. In Canada, there isn't the excitement around the Summer Olympics like there was around the Vancouver Winter Olympics where we won 14 gold medals. People in Toronto would much rather cheer for their favourite nation in the Euro Cup than cheer for their home country in The Olympics. The media do their best though, over-hyping Canadian athletes that probably won't even come close to winning a medal.

Watching the Olympics yesterday I noticed that there are some events taking place at Earl's Court arena in London's west end. This reminds me of a trip I took to Britain when I was 10 years old. Highlights of the trip included shopping at Harrod's, walking through a race riot in Cardiff, watching dumb people picnic in the lion area of a safari park, and seeing a Tattoo at Earl's Court. No, I am not talking about the ugly tramp stamps you will find on the back of suburban housewives. I mean the militaristic shit show with bagpipe bands, soldiers building and shooting cannons and special forces guys rappelling down ropes from the ceiling of the arena.

One of the good things about my trip to England was the fact it did not rain while I was there. I have heard stories that this one of worst summers for rain in Britain in recent memory. The third day of the games provided the inevitable rain that England is famous for. The lyrics in the song Can't Be Sure by The Sundays is a really good song to describe the mood in Britain at this time. The people of Britain are going to enjoy these Olympics games despite the economy, phone hacking scandals, weather etc.....

"England my country the home of the free, such miserable weather
But England's as happy as England can be
Why cry"

The Sundays are an English alternative band led by angelic voiced singer Harriet Wheeler. Best known in North America with their cover of the Rolling Stones classic Wild Horses which was featured in a Budweiser commercial. Can't Be Sure was the band's debut single in 1989. The song's lyrics basically mean to live life simply and that there are some things you can't change (like the weather). The band recorded three albums in the 90's and I don't think they officially broke up.

Download the song Can't Be Sure and buy the three Sunday albums on iTunes

Download: The Sundays- Can't Be Sure

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