Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New Music: Ducktails- The Flower Lane

Another post, another side project......

Ducktails is the alias of Matthew Mondanile, guitarist for indie rock band Real Estate. Mondanile has three previous albums already under his belt with Ducktails and he is getting ready to release a fourth LP in January titled The Flower Lane. To take us there, Ducktails has released the title track to the album, which does not sound too different than the sound of his other band- that definitely isn't a bad thing. Ducktails is no longer a solo effort, as the former bedroom artist has put together a band for this album. The result is the production is less lo-fi than his previous work and moves his sound closer to 80's indie pop. Listen below:

The Flower Lane will be available January 29th via Domino.

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