Thursday, 11 October 2012

New Music: Saskatchewan-Venom

I think it's sad that a band from Orlando Florida can name itself after the province of Saskatchewan, while an artist from Canada cannot call himself after it's provincial neighbour of Manitoba. I guess there are no old selfish punk rockers naming themselves after Canada's wheat province. Adding to that, there is actually a wrestler from Saskatchewan named Jack Venom. Watch out, maybe he will sue for copyright infringement.

Anyways, I don't think the guys in the band Saskatchewan have ever drank Pilsner beer, ate Old Dutch potato chips, cheered for the Roughriders or watched an episode of the terrible TV show Corner Gas. The number of musical acts emanating from the province are pretty sparse ( The Sheepdogs, The Northern Pikes, Wide Mouth Mason, Age of Electric, Library Voices) and judging by their 80's musical style, I am betting they have neither heard of, or are a fan of any of those bands.

Orlando is not really an indie music epicentre either, but Saskatchewan hope to change that perception. The band have followed up their  2011 EP, Skinny Dipping, with a great new dark synth heavy track titled Venom that wouldn't be out of place on the Drive soundtrack. Download the track below.

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