Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New Music: The New Division- Night Escape (Featuring Keep Shelly In Athens)

A couple of nights ago I was doing my usual evening routine of scrolling aimlessly through a thousand tweets looking for something interesting to read when I happened to come across a rather ignorant opinion that was re-tweeted by one of the people I follow. The tweet stated that today's synth pop artists only make this type of music to make 80's bands sound good. Even though I do believe that 80's electronic new wave music artists and groups will always be the best at what they produced, that does not belittle the fact that there is some really good electro pop on the scene today. Case in point is the song that I am going to feature now.

The New Division are bunch of L.A. guys that make big, 80's inspired, dream wave music that could be considered a cross between Johnny Jewel and M83. On their majestic new track, Night Escape, the band soars into the synth soaked stars with the help of sugar sweet chillwave artist Keep Shelly in Athens. Great track!!! Listen below:

Night Escape is the title track from New Division's new EP which will be available on November 13th.

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