Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New Music: Vinyl Williams- Open Your Mind

LA based psychedelic musician Vinyl Williams is quickly become one of my favourite new artists of 2012. Of course, I do have music ADD and that may change tomorrow, but that doesn't belittle the fact that this guy is good. I've already written a lot about Williams so there is no need to introduce him again-you can read more through my posts on his earlier singles, Higher World and Harmonious Change here and here- but I did learn something new about the artist today. According to The Guardian he is the grandson of Oscar winning composer John Williams (Star Wars). Cool!

Open Your Mind is the third track to be featured from Williams' forthcoming album, Lemniscate and probably the most sullen and dreamy. The beautiful track warbles for a couple of minutes before morphing into an M83 like three minute ambient fade out. Listen below

Lemniscate will be available November 13th via Salonislam.

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