Thursday, 1 November 2012

New Music: The Ruby Suns- Kingfisher Call Me

The other day I was walking home from the drug store when I saw a bunch of people hunched over looking at something on the ground. When I passed by, I noticed they were looking at an injured bird with an elongated beak, that looked like a Kingfisher. Toronto is located on a major migratory path and is infamous for having a large number of bird maimings and deaths due to multiple high rise office buildings and condos with glass windows.

A soon as I got home I noticed that New Zealand psych pop band  The Ruby Suns had just come out with a new single titled Kingfisher Call Me. Probably nothing to do with the bird- or the Indian airline or the Indian beer- but a great song nonetheless. Just thought it was a weird coincidence.

The song Kingfisher Call Me is taken from the band's forthcoming fourth album, Christopher. The track and album was mixed by Chris Coady who did the same for Grizzly Bear.  The track sees the band go in somewhat of a more synth pop direction and sounds a little bit like the aforementioned Grizzly bear, but probably is more akin to Yeasayer. Download the track below:

Christopher will be available on January 29th via Sub Pop.

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