Monday, 12 November 2012

New Music: Asobi Seksu- Farewell

This is probably going to be the first single I will look for on Record Store Day, assuming it will be available in Canada........

Just in time for Black Friday/Record Store Day, Asobi Seksu along with their friends in the Japanese sludge metal/shoegaze band Boris have announced they will be releasing a split 7", and even better, the two bands will be covering each other's songs on the limited edition release. On the A side Asobi Seksul cover Farewell, a song from Boris' shoegaze LP  Pink and on the B side Boris cover the Brooklyn shoegazer's Citrus track New Years, which has been cooly renamed Neu Years. Listen to the Asobi Seksu song below:

Make sure you visit your local record store on November 23rd for this 7" and plenty of other great releases.

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