Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New Music: Doldrums- She Is The Wave + Music Video

Toronto Experimental pop artist Doldrums, aka Alrick Woodhead, has released a second single, She is the Wave, from his forthcoming new album titled Lesser Evil . The skittish blippy track contains chaotic experimental beats which is appropriate considering the content of the accompanying weird music video. The video shows a ski boot wearing Woodhead desperately pushing a shopping cart through a barren wasteland and almost dying of exhaustion. All is not lost as a man in a kitty cat car, that looks like it was stolen from a Santa Claus parade, comes to the rescue. Watch and listen below:

Lesser Evil, which was recorded on a borrowed laptop from Grimes, will be released on February 26th via Arbutus Records.

For fans of Grimes, Animal Collective and DD/MM/YYYY

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