Sunday, 16 December 2012

Five Star Songs: The House of Love- Destroy The Heart

The great British 80's post punk band The House of Love announced via their Facebook page on Thursday that are reuniting and releasing a new album titled She Paints Words in Red in either in March or April. If you don't this band, they came out with four genius records in the late eighties and early nineties before infighting tore the group apart in 1993. The House of Love were a John Peel favourite and in 1988 their single Destroy The Heart was voted single of the year in the iconic BBC DJ's Festive Fifty. The single was originally put out on 12" and was not part of any album.

The House of Love recently re-issued their self titled debut album in November on Cherry Red Records. The deluxe super edition is a 3CD set and you can find both the original and a live version of the track Destroy The Heart on the second disc. Check your local record store for the album, or if your lucky the original 12" of the single, or buy from Amazon.

Listen: House of Love-Destroy The Heart

Looking forward to the new album.......

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