Sunday, 9 December 2012

Five Star Songs: Phoenix- Long Distance Call

Looks like French indie pop band Phoenix will be releasing a follow up to the award winning Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix LP next year. I guess lead singer Thomas Mars has got that whole marriage to Sophia Coppola thing out of the way and has gotten back together with the band to record the new album. Daniel Glass, head of the band's record label Glassnote, made the announcement at a Spotify event on Thursday that Phoenix had just finished making the LP.

There is a hint at what the new album might be called on the band's website. TPC might be an abbreviation or an acronym for the title of the new LP, but I doubt it relates to a golf tournament with the same name.

Although WAP had some excellent songs and was probably a good pick to win Grammys and other awards, but in my opinion the single Long Distance Call from the band's previous album It's Never Been Like That is the band's best far.  Looking forward to the new album!!!!  Listen below:

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