Sunday, 2 December 2012

Goodbye Rob Ford (Five Star Songs: Girls- Big Bad Mean Motherfucker)

It was a great week in Toronto for people who like accountability in politics. Our incompetent mayor was finally ousted from office over a conflict of issue where he voted on a matter that concerned him paying back money he improperly solicited on city letterhead. That was just the latest in a series of fuck ups and stupid ideas that this man has concocted over the two years he has been in office. The list of idiocracy is quite long and includes things like scrapping bike lanes, shunning gay pride festivities, and missing council meetings to coach high school football. I won't even go in to the things he said and did before he became mayor. You can read a funny sarcastic piece in Vice Magazine regarding Ford's political career.

He does have a small chance to get reinstated on appeal, but lets hope the Divisional Court does the right thing and deny his chance to get back in office. Other then that he will probably run again in the next election (or by-election) and hopefully he will lose by a landslide. Even if Ford does lose the election, unfortunately it will probably not be the last time we here from this idiot.

Here is a song with a title that best describes the man.

Girls- Big Bad Mean Motherfucker

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