Sunday, 17 March 2013

Five Star Songs: Spiral Beach- We Saw Ghosts (Cory Martin's 12" Record)

Before there was Doldrums and before there was Moon King, there was this little Toronto indie band called Spiral Beach, who made some of the last decades best local pop music.  The group existed between 2003 and 2008 and featured brothers Airick Woodhouse (now in Doldrums) Daniel Woodhouse and vocalist Maddy Wilde (now Moon King) plus bassist Dorian Wolf.

My favourite song from Spiral Beach, "We Saw Ghosts," is included on their really great album Ball which was originally released in 2007. However, there is a electro remix of the song titled "We Saw Ghosts (Cory Martin's 12" Record)" that is preferably better than the the indie pop version on the album. (albeit the LP version is damn good too)

Not sure who Cory Martin is (there is no on-line information about this guy) but he did a pretty good job with the remix. Listen below:

As for Spiral Beach, I don't think they have officially broken up, so let's hope that maybe some day these guys will get bored with their new projects and make another album.....and listen to their LP Ball because it is really good (if you are Rdio subscriber I have included it below).

Spiral Beach- We Saw Ghosts (Cory Martin's 12" record)

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