Thursday, 21 March 2013

New Music: Casual Sex- National Unity + Stroh 80

If you are looking for a good time you can't wrong with Casual Sex. Okay perverts this is a band and not some sort of kinky sex site.....

Scotland keeps on producing all these great indie groups and Casual Sex is just the latest to get a little bit of hype. The band only have a trio of songs to their name but have already peaked the interest of The Guardian in their "New Band Of The Day" segment.

"National Unity" is the spikiest of the songs that Casual Sex has come out with and is backed up with a great krautrock dance beat. Vocalist Same Smith yells "Can't You Fell My Unity" almost sarcastically like it some kind of grievance against conformity.

"Stroh 80" is a song who's title refers to an 80 proof rum that is used in Austrian cuisine. The track is much more subtle and features a simple chord guitar strum with an ever evolving beat. The song is about someone who gets caught fooling around with somebody else's girlfriend.

Listen to the tracks below:

For fans of Orange Juice, Franz Ferdinand, Gang Of Four.

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