Thursday, 6 June 2013

New Music: David Lynch (Ft. Lykke Li)- I'm Waiting Here

Wasn't sure I was going to be able to listen to this because the track premiered a couple of days ago on the subscription service Spotify. Spotify is not available in Canada, and even it was, I subscribe to it's competitor Rdio. Luckily, "I Waiting Here" found it's way on to Soundcloud, totally free to listen and to share.

The boffo movie director David Lynch has recorded an album titled, The Big Dream, consisting of 12 tracks in which he describes as "Modern Blues".  "I'm Waiting Here" is not one of those tracks, but will  be available as a bonus 7" with the vinyl issue of the album.

Swedish chanteuse Lykke Li is one of my favourite singer-songwriters and she really shines on this tune. This is definitely going to me one of my favourite songs of the year. Listen below:

The Big Dream will be out July 16th on Sacred Bones.

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