Monday, 3 June 2013

New Music: Ell v Gore- Lobotomy

It's good to see that Toronto's underground rock scene is getting a little bit of attention outside of the city. It may have started last year when Metz signed to Sub Pop and released one of the best indie rock albums of 2012. The buzzometer on this city's music scene seems to be heightening with bands like Odonis Odonis, Hooded Fang, Little Girls side project Prince Innocence and Army Girls side project Diana garnering plenty of hype.

Not to be outdone, Toronto post punk rockers Ell v Gore are poised to release their long awaited new EP, Sex Static, tomorrow and included on the release is the distorted gothic track "Lobotomy." These guys sound like they are inspired by everybody from the Bad Seeds to the Cramps with a little bit of Joy Division mixed in for good measure. Listen to the song below:

Sex Static will be out June 4th via Ben Cook's (Fucked Up, Yacht Club) new label Bad Actors Inc.

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