Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Music: Ellery James Roberts- Kerou's Lament

Only a few month's after breaking up the love 'em or hate 'em British band WU LYF, lead singer Ellery James Roberts has returned with brand new music. The way that he broke up his former band was confusing to his band mates and it seemed liked he totally had had it with music and even the world at large. But here he is pulling a Christopher Owens and releasing the brilliant new song "Kerou's Lament."

The song features Roberts' distinctive raspy Tom Waits like voice and is bolstered by an anthemic chorus that breaks into "To the powers of old, to the powers that be: You fucked up this world, but you won't fuck with me."- so maybe he still is pissed off at the world. The track even features a rap sample  of the Clams Casino instrumental "I'm God"that adds to the expansiveness of the song. Listen below:

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