Sunday, 26 August 2012

Favourite Songs: Hawkwind-Silver Machine

This is awesome!!! Listen to Lemmy Klimister sing the space rock classic Silver Machine before going on to infamy as the leader of speed metal heroes Motorhead.

Hawkwind are a British psychedelic space rock band that started in the early 70's and have released over 25 albums to date. Although they are still a going concern the only original member left in the band is vocalist and guitarist Dave Brock.

Lemmy Klimister was the bass player for Hawkwind from 1971 to 1975 before being kicked out after being arrested for drug possession in Windsor Ontario. He went on to form Motorhead which was also the name of the last song he wrote for Hawkwind.

Silver Machine was released in 1972 and went to #3 on the UK charts. The song was featured on a Various Artists compilation called Glastonbury Farye.

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