Saturday, 25 August 2012

New Music: The Soft Pack- Tallboy

It is a another super hot summer day here in Toronto and that can only mean one thing, drinking beer, drinking lots and lots of beer. And what is the best way to drink beer? By the pint of course. But if you are at the beach or the park, you will not access to pint glasses so tallboys of lager and ale are the preferable way of cooling off, so to speak.

Along the same vein, San Diego garage poppers The Soft Pack have just released a new single called Tallboy from their forthcoming new album Strapped. The track is heavily melodic with organ and horns driving the tune. The lyrics spell out T-A-L-L-B-O-Why and seem to lament the effects of binge drinking. But don't let that discourage you, grab a beer and listen.

The Soft Pack will be touring throughout North American in September and October including a date at The Garrison in Toronto on October 9th. Check your local listings.

Strapped is available September 25th via Mexican Summer.

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