Monday, 6 August 2012

Featured New Artists- Ummagma and bassDrumsnareDrum

Last week a got a couple of requests in my E-mail inbox to feature songs from two new bands. Read about and listen to the two new artists below:


First up, I received a nice E-mail from a girl named Shauna McLarnon, the singer in a band called Ummagma.  Ummagma are a Canadian/Ukrainian duo that features Shauna and Alex Kretov and are influenced by many styles including post punk and shoegaze. I couldn't resist posting about this band because Shauna was a student at Trent University in Peterborough Ontario, which is near where I grew up. The music is quite good too.

The band have already released two albums, Antigravity and S/T,  which you can check out on bandcamp. You can also listen to their songs on Soundcloud.


Next, I received a request from Europe to feature a electronic producer named Jake Ridley, aka  bassDrumsnareDrum. His music is electronic chillout dream pop and features the vocals of up and coming vocalist Betty Steeles. bassDrumsnareDrum has already been featured on BBC radio DJ Pete Tong's weekly dance music show, which to electronic dance musicians is like gold.

bassDrumsnareDrum have just released a new EP called Pause/Rewind which you can listen to on Soundcloud. Download or listen to the song All We Need below:

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