Thursday, 9 August 2012

New Band- Night Sins

With all of the sunny electro pop I've been posting lately it is time to do something on the opposite side of the 80's influenced synth pop spectrum and feature some goth music.

Night Sins describe themselves on their Facebook page as "Members of Salvation, Mother of Mercy, and Nothing take on coffin bound groans that creep through the corridors of one's mind like a half-recalled glimpse into the beyond. Christian Death/Bauhaus/Samhain possession with haunting vocals that hearken the ghost of Peter Steele." All I can think of when I read  this statement, and when I hear their new single Spectral Bliss, are Peter Murphy and The Sisters of Mercy. Listen for yourself below:

Night Sins are working on their new LP, New Grave, which will be available this fall via Avant! Records.

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