Sunday, 19 August 2012

Favourite Songs: Portishead- Machine Gun

This song came on my iPod the other day while I was walking to work and provided the perfect anecdote to wake me up and energize me for the working day.

 Portishead released their aptly named Third album in 2005 after a six year hiatus. Geoff Barrow needed to re-invent the trip hop sound of their band, especially after the songs off of their first albums had become hits with middle of the road Starbuck's Coffee drinkers.

 The result was the harder edged first single called Machine Gun. The track has thundering repetitive beats made to sound like a machine gun (obviously), icy synths which are backed by Beth Gibbons bleak, beautiful voice. Play the track loud and if possible play it on CD or vinyl where the sound is infinitely better than playing an mp3 of the song or You Tube video on your computer.

Machine Gun is available on the album Third. Buy: Amazon or iTunes

Watch the mind blowing dystopian music video below.

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