Monday, 27 August 2012

New Music: Fine Times- Hey Judas

Hey..... I've been in this type of relationship. A girl is just dating you for your bank account. She cuddles and caresses you with one hand, while she takes her other hand and reaches around to your back pocket to take all your money from your wallet. She disappears for days, unreachable, until she runs out of cash and comes running back looking for more. You become a glutton for punishment, especially after being in a relationship with her for five long years. At least the sex was good.

Fine Times know what I am talking about. The Vancouver indie pop duo have just released a single that focuses on that very subject. The track features synth laden textures with a big catchy chorus daring-an ex girlfriend perhaps-to take all my money, my money my money. Download below.

Fine Times will release their debut self titled album on September 18th via Light Organ Records.

Fine Times: "Hey Judas"

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