Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New Music: The Joy Formidable- Wolf's Law + Music Video

When A Place To Bury Strangers came to Toronto last spring with headlining band The Joy Formidable, I was little apprehensive about seeing the featured group. Not sure why....I bought The Joy Formidable's vinyl album and have been a big fan of their music since being introduced to them while listening to British radio.

Was I in for a big surprise because the band were one of the most high energy groups I have ever seen. Pixie singer/guitarist Ritzy Bryan was a whirling dervish of fun riffing on her guitar and dancing around like a mad woman while drummer Matt Thomas was a real comedian and kept cracking jokes. The last show on the tour is always the best.

Now after a short turnaround The Joy Formidable have released a new single called Wolf's Law. The song is a ballad and is decidedly more low key than the power pop on their previous album The Big Roar.  Watch the video below.

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