Thursday, 6 September 2012

Music Video: DIIV- Doused

Watch as DIIV leader Zachary Cole Smith plays with little army men and then realize that he is late for a gig. The rest of the video features Smith hurriedly running down the street, with guitar in hand, while the rest of the band tear frantically through their song Doused. Smith eventually makes it, but only to play on the last 20 seconds of the song. Lesson learned: Mr. Smith should learn to stick to guitar playing as a hobby.

DIIV's album Oshin is available now through Captured Tracks or buy it on iTunes.

DIIV are about to go on tour with Wild Nothing and will play a date at The Great Hall in Toronto on September 18th. Check your local listings for a gig near you.

DIIV- Doused

Video courtesy of Rolling

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