Saturday, 8 September 2012

New Music: Fidlar- Cheap Beer

Here is a new song to get you ready for Saturday night. The L.A. punk band Fidlar have released an ode to drinking cheap beer called, funny enough, Cheap Beer. The song is very appropriate for a Canadian audience. I swear that Canada has the most brands of cheap beer in the world. There is PBR, Labatt 50, and Molson Stock that the hipsters prefer, Laker, Lakeport, Lucky Lager, Carling, Black Ice and Cool that older people love and finally the old standbys Molson Canadian and Coor's Light.... just to name a few.

As for me, my cheap beer drinking days are behind me. When I was younger and living in a small town my preferred choice of drink was Molson Canadian (Don't laugh!!!). When I moved to Toronto I saw the error of my ways and refined my drinking tastes. Now I don't mind paying extra to buy better tasting beer and stick to mostly premiums, imports and locals beers.

On Wednesday Chaep Beer premiered on Pitchfork.  I listened to the track and thought "this was a fun little song" and then quickly forgot about it. The next day the song blew up all over the internet and Pitchfork had re-posted the single declaring it "Best New Track".

I've played the song a few more times and I believe I have fallen for the track. Who could resist the chorus of "I DRINK CHEAP BEER, SO WHAT, FUCK YOU! It's great to hear some indie acts re-establish the drinking song and take the attention away from bong smoking artists like Wavves and Odd Future.

Listen to the song below, and if you excuse me it is almost time for me to start my weekly Saturday night ritual of imbibing in various forms of ales and lagers.

Fidlar will release their new album sometime in 2013 via Mom + Pop.

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