Friday, 21 September 2012

New Music: IO Echo- Carnation & Ministry of Love

More good shoegaze music incoming from the Left Coast. IO Echo are being described as a new goth sounding shoegaze duo that hail from Los Angeles California. Maybe it's me but I don't here the goth sound and I don't get where that comparison is coming from. It could be the pair's visual style as they seem to like to dress in black. (See picture above)

The pair have given us two new tracks to check out and they are both pretty good. The first track, Carnation, enlists the help of Johnny Reid of the Drums, and sounds a lot like The Big Pink in the era when Akiko was drumming for the band. (The Big Pink really need her back behind the drums!!!). The second track, Ministry of Love, is a soaring pop song featuring the beautiful vocals of lead singer Ioanna Gika. Download the former track and listen to the latter track below courtesy of Soundcloud.

IO Echo will be releasing their self titled debut EP on October 16th via IAMSOUND.

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