Friday, 14 September 2012

New Music: Tesla Boy- Fantasy + Music Video

Tesla Boy are a Russian synth pop band that are heavily indebted to the eighties.  The name of their band comes from a song they wrote about a boy who could conduct electricity and zap people when anyone got too close to him. I've got a feel they may have been influence by the OMD song Tesla Girls as well.

The band released their latest single, Fantasy, back in May and now they have put out a new video that features model Dasha Malygina. The NSFW music video compliments the theme of the song which according to keyboardist Anton Sevidov is about people's hidden desires and indecent fantasies. Watch below as "Tesla Boy" gets interrupted from his Atari video game by a beautiful girl who dances, strips and probably does some other nasty things in front of a webcam. Use your imagination.

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