Sunday, 9 September 2012

New Music: Frightened Rabbit- Boxing Night

There is only two weeks left in summer, and as Frightened Rabbit has reminded us with the release of their latest single Boxing Night, we are quickly heading toward the Christmas season. For those who do not know what Boxing Day is (Americans), it is a holiday that falls the day after Christmas and is observed in England, Canada, Australia and most other Commonwealth countries. The holiday originated as a day for superiors to give presents to their servants, but nowadays is just a day to rest from Christmas hangovers or take advantage of after Christmas shopping sales.

We've already heard the morose title track from Frightened Rabbit's forthcoming EP State Hospital and now the band have released a more quirky but poignant tune called Boxing Night. One thing Frightened Rabbit are really good at is writing dark lyrics. At first listen, the song seems kind of funny with lyrics about a man sitting around in his underwear drinking himself to death but than you realize the song is probably about a very lonely and depressed person.

Frightened Rabbit are currently touring the U.K and Europe. They will head to North America in early October and play a show at The Mod Club in Toronto on October 10th (SOLD OUT). Check the rest of the tour dates here.

 State Hospital will be released on September 25th in North America via Canvasback.

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