Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New Music: Yacht Club- Flash

And now for something completely different-at least for Ben Cook-a member of hardcore outfit Fucked Up. Every hardcore punk rocker should have a synth pop side project....right? Ben Cook has done just that with his new project Yacht Club. Most new wave and synth band artists in the 80's were former punk rockers, so it is not too far fetched. It would have been weirder if Fucked Up screamer, Damian "Pink Eyes" Abraham, had come out with a new wave band.

Yacht Club have released a retro music video to compliment their Human League like sound. Watch and listen to the new single, Flash, below via Vimeo.

The song is part of a four song mixtape, Nonnavera, that was released on the band's Bandcamp site. Download here.

Yacht Club are opening for DIIV and Wild Nothing tonight at The Great Hall in Toronto.

YACHT CLUB "FLASH" from Maximum Exposure on Vimeo.

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