Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New Music: Peace- Tattoo

Wow this is epic post punk.....

Peace and their awesome post punk track, Your Hand in Mind, were featured on The Aural Report last month . Unfortunately there is another indie band called Peace out of the U.K. trying to make a name for itself right now. I am thinking that if both bands become popular one of them might have to change their name.

The Vancouver version of the band Peace have just released a track that not only will distinguish themselves from their British namesakes but just might launch them into a different league within the Canadian indie scene. Tattoo is a seven minute gothic post punk epic, with vocals that eerily remind you of Peter Murphy, and a sound that slowly builds into a explosion of evil guitars and drums that will send shivers down your spine. Download the song below via Soundcloud.

Peace will release their new album, The World is Too Much With Us, on October 16th via Suicide Squeeze Records.

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